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Honda verza is one of Honda's sport motorbike products which was recently introduced. The price is friendly enough to be added value in addition to the sport design that is able to attract many customers. Moreover, this motorbike can also look much cooler when handled by a reliable modifier. There are several types of modifications that can be applied to this motorbike, one of which is the modif verza for touring.
Mods of Verza Modifications for Touring
Not wanting to be outdone by other modification concepts, verif modif for touring has its own characteristics. To be used comfortably during touring, there are a number of things that you can modify which include the addition of a handlebar stabilizer which serves to reduce the vibrational frequency of the handlebar, a raiser that serves to make the rod position higher and can be adjusted to posture so as to make the driver more comfortable on the go.
In addition to the concept of modif verza for touring you also need to add a horn so that it sounds more ferocious, for that you can use the snail or disc type horn to your liking. And last but not least the hazard lights also need to be added. This lamp serves as a sign when the vehicle stops on the side of the road. Although it seems trivial, but these accessories are very important in group touring activities. The last and not to be missed is the addition of the rear box that is used as your default place, besides that the rear box can also function as a pillion back and can give a more tough and dashing look.
Not only that, to complete your touring activities, when modifying the verza for touring you can also add a bracket for drinking and using slebor klong to prevent dirt from entering the tire into the motor frame, the use of slebor which is accompanied by the selection of large tires is also able to provide more maco impression. Those are some things you can do when modifying Verza for touring, happy experimenting ...
Description: Modif verza for touring has a different concept with other motorcycle modifications, where in this modification concept, the completeness, comfort and driving needs are really prepared carefully.

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