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Modification of verza monoshock  Lately, modification of monoshok on motor sport has become one of the things that is quite tempting. And one motor that is now quite popular to be modified with this monoshok system is Honda Verza. This is because the montor which is equipped with a two shockbreaker suspension system has a simple, elegant and sport naked look that makes the modifiers able to be content with their entire imagination, one of which is the installation of monoshok.
Why Choose Verza Monoshock Modifications?
Honda Verza is a Japanese motorcycle product that is quite popular in Indonesia. Where we know this Honda motorcycle company is one of the largest motorcycle manufacturers in the Indonesian automotive market, where every product is always selling well invaded by people in all circles. This is certainly not without reason, because every Honda motorcycle output is designed with an elegant and sporty appearance and most importantly the price is quite friendly in addition to the strong engine performance and fuel consumption that is quite economical. All of these characteristics are certainly very compatible with every dream of society. Especially by lovers of modif verza monoshock, in addition to low-cost appearance produced is also very sporty and dynamic.
What should be noted when you modify verza with monoshock
To do this modification verza monoshock you can immediately entrust it to people who are truly experts, because a series of modifications must be done properly, bearing in mind the modification of the motor with this system is more prone to cracks in the rear frame if the top mounting is wrong especially if it is not attached to backbone. In addition, the modified form of verza monoshock is also not suitable for those of you who often carry heavy loads.
For that, when you choose to modify the monzaock verza make sure you pay attention to the strength of the rear frame of the motor and the load routine. And to make it look more charming, you can also add a few other accessories such as racing or muffler that suits your motorcycle, so congratulations.
Description: Modif verza monoshock can be easily done by you, but still pay attention to the strength, comfort and montor condition so that it does not result in damage to the motor.

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